God uses people to bless

A little book I’ve enjoyed is H. Norman Wright’s, Tomorrow Can Be Different. In a chapter where he speaks of friendship, the author writes:

… other people are a primary channel through which God pours His blessing into our lives.

Friends are a special and rare breed. I have been blessed with a few. Many of those, to my chagrin, are long-distance companions.

I had thought to say that the blessings which come through others are relational. That’s probably true in nearly every case, though not the sum. Many of the material blessings I’ve been given have also been channeled through others, be they individuals or churches.

The temptation spoke in a cordial voice to name the friends. Out them publicly. Proclaim their identities in the temple. Prove their existence by listing. But reason put the whispered suggestion to flight as fear of omission and risk of banalization replied, “Thou shalt not expose thy friends to thy ego.”

After all, one wants to bless one’s friends as well.

J. Randal Matheny

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