high priests deny GodEven at the last moment, the Jews do not speak the truth. They lie and manipulate the Roman governor to get what they want.

Then they shouted out, “Away with him! Away with him! Crucify him!” Pilate asked, “Shall I crucify your king?” The high priests replied, “We have no king except Caesar!”
John 19:15 NET

Not even the Roman emperor was their king. Their king and god was their own ambition, which led them to deny the God they professed to serve. Who says this are the high priests and not just any Jew. They coordinated the temple service. Religious leaders of God’s people. They make it clear in this moment that God was nothing to them.

When our will conflicts with God’s will, when our vision of the kingdom contradicts the divine purpose, the moment will come when we deny the God we claim to serve.


2 thoughts on “God means nothing to us

  1. Not even in jest, not in song, not in poetic rhyme could I take away from the magisty of my Lord! Could you imagine having to set in a service and listen to a lesson from a preacher that had dared to question the rule of our God? The patience of whom, I’ve been told, is long suffering, ah, but I do believe He writes in the Book of Life! Some two thousand years later, I believe the soul of that Jewish leader is in torment as it waits for the judgement and it’s just the beginning.

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