When we understand that God gave His only Son Jesus to die for our sins, it should remove any worries we have about our daily life on this earth. If indeed God gives us eternal salvation through His Son Jesus, why would He then withhold anything we need to live in the world? (via [bibletalk] Freely Gives)

In his BibleTalk this morning, Steve Preston commented on Romans 8:32. Paul in this verse does what later has come to be called the icing-on-the-cake argument. Logicians might call it the argument from the greater to the lesser. We got what matters. The Son is in in the pocket. “Nothing else matters,” so goes the song. But even though nothing else matters, God gives more. God gives freely. The sovereign and omnipotent God will supply our shortfalls, care for immediate needs, if that is what they are, load us up in our sharp lacks.

Remember the psalmist?

I was once young, now I am old.
I have never seen a godly man abandoned,
or his children forced to search for food. (Psalm 37:25 NET)

We all get into tights and the needles of worry prick our minds. We cannot see where relief might come from. In this blind spot, faith calls to faith. I do not know, but he knows. I cannot see the solution, but he has already provided it. So I shut my eyes tight, and confess my unbelief and hold out my hand. And all these things are added unto me.

Because God freely gives.


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