divine initiativeThe Good News is the history of what God did, and does, in Christ. We do have to respond to his initiative, but the emphasis of the message of salvation falls on the action of God.

We were destined by the plan of God, who accomplishes everything according to his design.
Ephesians 1.11 CEB

We shouldn’t fall into the Calvinist error which makes humans nothing more than puppets. On the other hand, we should not think that man builds the kingdom or guarantees his eternal destiny.

Human history, properly speaking, does not exist, but is merely a reaction for or against God’s action for his creatures. History belongs to the Lord. History tells the fulfillment of God’s plan. The Ephesian letter makes it clear that God “accomplishes everything.”

Praise to you, O Lord, who acted when we were paralyzed in our spiritual powerlessness.

Hold this thought: God desired, God acted, God acts today for us.

What do you think?