Regardless of circumstances, says Paul, be it even life or death, “we make it our goal to please him,” 2 Corinthians 5.9 NIV.

This matters, because the world—especially, people close to us—pressures us to please it. Every day is a choice between pleasing God or pleasing the world, being a friend with God or with the world.

The Lord’s will is incompatible with the world’s desires, the latter being a larger reflection of our own personal selfishness and ambitions.

Such a goal does not come naturally. It must be made. “We make it our goal.” The decision process is conscient, the choice, deliberate. Here and now, faced with specific temptations and defined opportunities, I make it my goal to please him.

That implies a knowledge of what pleases him. The world—and a large swath of those who claim some right to the word Christian—declares that such a knowledge is, at best, dim. Other say it’s impossible.

If a Creator can make a man, form in him his intelligence and capacity to communicate, he can also produce a message that can serve his creature in all times and places. And he has done that. It’s called the Bible.

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    • Thanks, Eugene. Amazing, isn’t it, how people limit God’s power to communicate to his favorite creature?

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