Goal for Jan 1: Enjoy the day


Major goal today is just to enjoy the new day and take it easier than usual. I slept late, until shortly after 8 am, since we stayed up past 1 am, no sleep possible for all the fireworks and noise.

We went to Fran’s house for a cookout last night, but came home by 11:30 pm; one, because we wanted to be home before all the drunkards hit the streets, and, two, to check on our daughter who was at the medical clinic after days of flu and getting worse yesterday. (Thanks, Myrna!) She is some better, thanks for asking.

Here are some things, not all, that I did so far today, up through noon.

  • Day 22 of our Bible reading plan and prayer, sitting out on the back porch, swatting the ants away.
  • Setting up some of the projects for 2014, putting some unfinished ones at the front end.
  • Checked in on the PF forum, made some replies.
  • Shared BNc story by Steven Haguewood in social media. (I had prepped and pre-posted it yesterday.)
  • Updated G+ profile.
  • Wrote the new-year’s prayer for FPress. Please do go read that.
  • Shared the FPress prayer on social media (a whole different task from writing it).

Not a huge list, nor are all of the items of great import, but hey, it’s Jan. 1.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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