Ever since the beginning, people have migrated, for a wide range of reasons. Migration to God is the best reason of all.

So [Naomi] decided to return home from the region of Moab, accompanied by her daughters-in-law, because while she was living in Moab she had heard that the Lord had shown concern for his people, reversing the famine by providing abundant crops.
Ruth 1.6 NET

“Shown concern” is literally “visited.” The verb is often used when God deals with man, frequently to punish, but here to bless.

God is sovereign over the nations and over his people. His movements can be discerned, his actions, identified.

God may be blessing at the same time that his people may suffer. The book of Ruth questions, and in the end, answers, whether faith in God’s blessing is justified.

This verse reminds us that when we perceive where God blesses, we should go there.

Today, his hand blesses most in Christ, in the body of Christ.

We should go there, too.

O God, may I see that faith brings blessing in your time, the right time.

Hold this thought: Where God manifests himself, he invites our presence.

What do you think?