My RSS feedON both the GoSpeak site and here I’ve added a global RSS feed for all my writings. At least, on the sites that I remembered to include. It’s a MailChimp service and seems to update quickly. You’ll see it on both sites in the lower right column, under “All He Wrote.”

The links are to my English writings only.

The old friendfeed service doesn’t seem to update well. Probably because it was bought out by a big name.

You can add the feed link to your RSS feeder in your browser or other service like Feedly or GoogleReader, if you like the big guys.

The JasRandal feed includes contributions to sites like Biblical Notes, where I’m a staff writer (and need to contribute more).

Some of the links are to content actually authored by someone else, but which I posted, like BNc news stories. Those are the minority, however.

Finally, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this article on “What Is RSS All About?”.

4 thoughts on “Glutton for punishment: More JasRandal through RSS

    • You’re too kind, John. The Word is my inspiration (in the non-biblical sense, of course). I know that if there is any chance of effecting in the life of another a change, any edification, some transformation into the image of Christ, that it must come from scripture.

      Yesterday, I started to assemble the greatest motivational quotes of all. I collected a few, but they were so drab. Thought to myself, what really motivates is what God has done in Christ and the very words of scripture. So I started over with verses from the Bible. Haven’t finished yet. It’s hard to choose, there are so many “quotes” in the Word to choose from!

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