Glad to be alive today

When you woke up and opened your eyes this morning, what was your first thought? At some point in the waking process, did you think, “Wow, I’m alive! God has given me yet another day of life!”?

Most of us probably don’t have those early thoughts. We expect to wake up. We count on another day. We seldom if ever consider the possibility of not popping open our eyes and jumping out of bed to continue what we paused doing yesterday.

But maybe we should. We know in a vague sort of way, perhaps, that life as a whole is a gift of God. How often though do we consider that this very day is a gift?

Sometimes we may use that verse in Psalms out of context, but not so inappropriately: “This is the day the LORD has brought about. We will be happy and rejoice in it” Psa 118.24.

God didn’t have to give me another day of life. He did so out of his love and kindness.

Because of deep pain and profound anguish, some people may despair of life. Maybe they didn’t want to wake up from sleep. Maybe they would have preferred to die in their beds. Most of us don’t think such thoughts, however.

Many of us wake up much like we slept — with piled-up thoughts, thick pages of plans, fast-moving emotions. Sleep was a necessary evil, an undesired interval that kept us from our uninterrupted stream of activities.

Waking up in the morning provides us opportunity, if we will take it, to pause and ponder again the wonder of life, the goodness of God, and the purpose of our time on earth.

I invite you to take advantage of that opportunity every morning.

“Wow, I’m alive! God is good! May he bless me to use this day well, to glorify him in every way, and to serve my fellow humans so that they too might know his mercies.”

That pause will set the entire day and fix the joy of life firmly in our hearts.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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