Our lives are about to change drastically in a number of ways, best I can tell. Some changes will bring hardship but growth; others, great blessing.

It appears we’re about to move from a small number of supporting churches (seven) to a larger group. That will mean more travel and rigors in our stateside trips.

For the first time in our almost 25 years in Brazil, we will be changing sponsoring churches.

We will be strengthening connections with some friends in outreach, reinforcing some ongoing efforts and implementing some ideas we’ve been toying with.

We will be establishing new relationships, which will be a blessing in many ways. I will go to the U.S. around October to talk to those who might be interested.

We have prayed, and asked a few friends to pray,

  1. That our family might have wisdom to navigate this moment in the most positive and spiritual manner possible;
  2. That we might have faith to trust in the Lord who has never let us lack for our needs;
  3. That we might have the vision for the opportunities that this moment presents for greater service for the Lord, wider influence for his kingdom and greater glory to his name.

That continues to be our prayer.

What do you think?