ananias_saulThe latest “God with Us” meditation, translated from the Portuguese, for your encouragement to do God’s will.

Prayer isn’t the answer to everything. For three days Saul prayed and fasted, but when the gospel was preached to him, Ananias told him to quit praying and get up to obey the Lord.

Now, don’t wait any longer. Rise up, get yourself immersed and get your sins washed away, trusting in his name. Acts 22:16 PEB

Salvation does not come by saying a prayer (horror!). Never, in any place, was a hearer instructed to say a prayer in order to be saved.

The process, as the song goes, is to “trust and obey.”

Once the will of God is known, there is no reason to delay.

What are you waiting for?

Lord God, I get up to do your will, and to obey in whatever still is lacking in my life, in order to please you.

LEARN MORE: Take a few minutes with someone who loves you to discover more about the will of God for our salvation.

UPDATE: Extra! This quatrain just popped up from the water, enjoy!

Ananias to Saul

by J. Randal Matheny

Get up! Delay no more! Why hesitate?
Your prayers can’t save nor pardon, do not wait;
Call on the Lord by doing his will, obey
And be immersed, wash every sin away.

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