Get over it

Well, I’m not sure sure that the thought should be placed in the imperative, but we do get over things.

So wrote F. W. Boreham,

WE get over things. It is the most amazing faculty that we possess. War or pestilence; drought or famine; fire or flood; it does not matter. However devastating the catastrophe, however frightful the slaughter, however total the eclipse, we surmount our sorrows and find ourselves still smiling when the storm is overpast.

And indeed we do. Most of us, most of the time.

Then there are those who die of heartbreak. Those who decide suicide is the way out, because they can’t envision themselves getting over it. Those who nurse their hurts, feed their fears, rehearse their wrongs in a non-ending loop.

The Christian knows where to place his sorrow and hurt. At the foot of the Cross. The Lord who knows the greatest suffering of all also transforms our own trials and tribulations into redemptive material for the kingdom.

So we not only get over things, we bundle them up and carry them as a humble badge of honor and use them as divine gifts of compassionate service.

J. Randal Matheny

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