We’re in the gathering mode for greetings from brethren around the world for the SJC church’s 20th anniversary celebration.

On 22 Nov. the church in São José dos Campos (SP) Brazil will celebrate its 20th anniversary in what we’re calling the Festival. It will be a moment of thanksgiving to God, fellowship and preaching.

The church first met in this city 2 Oct. 1988.

I’d like to get a number of greetings from brethren around the world, in as many different countries as possible.

If you know of anyone in the Lord’s church in other countries, please forward this message on to them and ask them to email us a message of greeting for this occasion.

For further information about the church and the work in SJC, see the GoSpeak site here.

Also, the church’s website, in Portuguese, of course, is located here.

The greetings collected will be printed and distributed as a supplement to our bulletin at the Festival.


What do you think?