What Future for Us?

What future is there for us, O man of sin?
What world create to last beyond desire?
What force produce to resist that certain doom?
Between us can we find eternal room?

But for a fleeting time our pleasures last,
So soon do passions die, our shameful past
A shadow, our present but a lightning flash —
For lack of air is doused our flickering flame.

No reason have we to build our flimsy house,
Built on sand, its grandeur but an hour,
Our secret plans stillborn, and intimacy, false;
We’ll perish, both, when earth and sea convulse.

O man of sin, what common goal have we?
From Eden you arose, set all to flee
The steps of God — together must we hide
Ourselves from him, and die as Adam died?

I’d eat a sweeter fruit! What God forbid
Be not a mention made; what Adam did,
I shall not do — Begone! I seek God’s face,
To walk with him forever by certain grace.

Oh, I shall stumble, yes, as Christians will,
For briefest moment, in fervor’s sudden chill;
But you, O man of sin, can never persuade
That God forgets or fails to come to my aid.

So here and now, forever do we part,
For God controls the mind, the will, the heart;
For you, no space remains, no place is left —
Of God no longer will I be bereft.

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J. Randal Matheny

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