Today, on Christmas, Vicki and I went both to the house of mourning and the house of feasting. Solomon would be proud, Ecc 7.

At the house of mourning lay the body of the husband of dona Ritinha, a Christian lady who comes regularly to our home Bible reading on Wednesdays. His was an unexpected death. Perhaps the lesson Solomon would have us learn. We stayed for about an hour with the family.

From there we scooped up sr. Benedito and Liu, both from church, and headed to GuarĂ¡, an hour east of us, for a lavish Christmas lunch with Wilson and Fatima, a good Christian couple there. Also present were their children and Jorge, Paula, and Daniel. (Jorge and Paula had also come to the wake of Ritinha’s husband.)

So we have experienced in a single day the tears of death and the laughter of brotherly love.

What do you think?