OCTOBER REPORT: Update on Fund-Raising

By J. Randal Matheny, on the road in the U.S.


PHOTO: Randal with the rental car provided by the SJCampos and Taubate churches.

We are making a few more contacts in the remaining time, but we return to Brazil with few firm commitments and several possibilities in process. So the next few months will reveal what our future will be.

In the past we have said that, if necessary, we will, like the apostle Paul, make tents in order to provide for our physical needs and remain on the field. We may now prove that statement. Our tentmaking may take the form of teaching English or other yet undiscovered opportunities. We know of missionaries in other parts of the world who use a part of their time for self-support and we’re ready, if need be, to join their ranks.

Lord permitting, I will leave from the Dallas-Forth Worth airport Nov. 12 to return home to Brazil. Before that, I will touch base later this week again with our sponsor Somers Avenue in North Little Rock as we finalize some details for the transition on Jan. 1.

While in the central Arkansas area, I will meet with ministry associate Barbara A. Oliver, while she is in that part of the country to help the church in Vilonia AR.

Some contacts previously made may yet request a visit and presentation of our work. Speaking of which, I’ve uploaded the presentation, in PDF format, at this link.

At this same link, one can also download a background wallpaper for computer monitors about our work. The wallpaper is designed to solicit prayers for the work and the church in Brazil.

Meanwhile, in my absence, Vicki has been studying the Bible with two ladies, for their conversion, one of whom we’ve studied with before, the other a newcomer to the gospel. Pray these ladies may decide to give their lives to the Lord.

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