The fundamental principle for wise living

In any area of endeavor, basic principles apply. For example, a successful basketball player has to learn to bounce the ball, make a pass, make a basket, defend an opponent. A carpenter has to learn to drive a nail.

The same is true as well for the Way. And for life itself. People must learn the basics.

To obey the Lord is the fundamental principle for wise living; all who carry out his precepts acquire good moral insight. He will receive praise forever.
Psalm 111.10 NET

This is why teachings by people like progressives are so damaging, because they despise obedience to the Lord. They loose what God has bound. The Lord Jesus never told men to ignore a commandment of the Father. On the contrary! (See Mt 5.19-20; Jn 12.50.)

It’s ironic that progressives love to talk about praise but disdain obedience. The verse above makes the connection that obedience praises God. Not only does obedience to the Lord make one wise and help one in life, but it glorifies the Lord.

Those are big reasons to obey.

What ought to be ignored are not the commandments of God, Jos 11.15b, but those who tell us we don’t have to obey, 1Co 14.38.

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J. Randal Matheny

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