Brazilian Zeal Missions is now GoSpeak. The new name goes with the new site at:

The name is inspired by Acts 5:20, “Go and stand in the temple courts and proclaim to the people all the words of this life” (NET).

The change comes now for several reasons:

  1. It seemed a good time after Somers Avenue congregation in North Little Rock, Ark., assumed our oversight in January
  2. It reflects the widening circle of our efforts beyond Brazil.
  3. It gathers our missions information in a single place, separating it from personal and literary material, like poetry and essays, on my personal website.
  4. The focus of the site will facilitate fund-raising efforts now and during my trip to the US in May.

The work continues as before. The site, it is hoped, will improve communicating the vision of our service to the Lord and what he does through our efforts.

While putting the final touches on the website, I was reminded that our newsletter, now in its 26th year, was first called the “BeloGram,” taken from the city where we lived, Belo Horizonte.

On the website, a new article features an effort that utilizes an Internet medium which even the White House is turning to more and more as a primary communication channel.

We ask your continued prayers. Your fellowship with us in the gospel, be it close or distant, continues to be a motive for thanksgiving and glory to God.

What do you think?