Friday facts

A bit of a catch-up from yesterday and today on what’s happening around these parts.

  • Yesterday was Corpus Christi, a holiday here in Brazil, so we all stayed home and had a quiet day.
  • Many people “emenda” or take Fridays off as well to give them a long weekend. So Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning the highway to the beach, which runs through SJC, was probably clogged.
  • I came to the office a bit later today, about 9:30, and hit the vegetarian restaurant for lunch. On my plate, potatoes, beets, manioc soufflé, a wrapped pancake with soy meat, battered cauliflower.
  • Working out details with another ministry to set up their website so they can manage it.
  • DD went to a movie earlier with her neighborhood friend, since schools were out today.
  • Sometime in the last day or two my outgoing emails sent, since August 2004, from my main account, topped 23,000.
  • Today I had an op-ed piece published in, “News Channels Fill the Void with Chatter.”
  • We’re grateful for friends who prayed yesterday and emailed us back after Joel sent us a text message from the emergency room in the US. More on that later.
J. Randal Matheny

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