Keeping a website updated is tough. So use Quick Bible Truths! Each daily post, originating in Twitter, is, at most, 140 characters in length. Sometimes a quote, always a Biblical principle. The short space packs in powerful truths, perfect for Internet surfers who often don’t read more than a few minutes before moving on.

The occasional quotes aren’t picked up from material you’ll see floating around the Internet; we choose carefully, usually from print sources. Usually, however, the content is original. For more about QBT, see this GoSpeak Feature.

You can use an RSS feed and insert one or more posts from QBT into your website. You can pick up the feed from either Twitter,, or Facebook, whichever works best for you. Here are the links:

QBT on Twitter:

QBT on

QBT on Facebook:

If you use WordPress as a site or blog, for example, you can insert these links into an RSS widget, place it in a column or footer, and the content will be updated automatically.

Each site or software will differ as to how to insert an RSS feed, so you’ll have to investigate that depending on what you use. If you have a webmaster for your site, he should know how to do this.

Here are examples of QBT feeds:

If you have a feed on your website from any of these three QBT sources, or know of one somewhere out there, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

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