Sundry thoughts on America’s Independence Day.

It’s probably a bad day to send anything out, but the Cloudburst Poetry list received a new poem today, “The Song of Jesus.” Listening to hymns and spiritual songs today as I work was my inspiration.

My sister had surgery this week to remove a cyst from her spine; she’s improving and we’re grateful for that. My brother is in the hospital, perhaps go home today. We’re praying for him.

Praying also for son Joel to find a job in these hard times. And for our efforts, begun in earnest this week, to replace funds we’ll lose next year, most of our personal support.

Praying also for Vicki’s driver’s license to arrive. I got mine in one day. They told her since she was a foreigner, her renewal had to be sent to Sao Paulo and would take up to 20 working days. Guess who gets to drive her around in the meantime?

With the move of my blog, I lost my little spot for the link, so I’ve put it here and forward the URI to that new corner. The material mainly goes on my blog here, but I wanted some explanation of the approach in its own place. And there’s always the Twitter.

New background of lime slices on my personal Twitter account. The flag was so large, it didn’t work well, but I hated to replace it. Was time though.

Oh, Fourth of July. I’m working normally today. I am grateful for my history. But never more so than the mercy shown me to allow me in God’s kingdom and give me a place in his ranks as a foot soldier.

What do you think?