Forthright Mag leads to evangelistic studies

Jill Russell, minister’s wife and bulletin editor at the Larkinsville congregation in Scottsboro, Ala., wrote about using Forthright Magazine articles Friday, Jan. 23.

“I am so thankful that I found Forthright on-line. I do the weekly bulletin and I love to share different articles each week. I also love Bulletin Digest. My husband is the minister for the small congregation we attend. My husband and I both have found the articles we have read so far to be sound in the truth. Members of the congregation comment to us each week that the articles helped them with certain struggles, etc, and gave them encouragement. I have also shared this site with many of my non-Christian friends. Hopefully, because of some of the articles that were read by some this past week, we will begin studies with two of my friends. Remember us in your prayers and God bless your efforts.”

As founder and editor of Forthright, I’m grateful to hear this good news about how people are using articles from our electronic magazine, published by email and online.

Jill made her comments on the cofcnetwork hosted by the service. They can be read at this link.

J. Randal Matheny

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