Some people we need to forget


How we worry about other people’s opinion! We still show worldly values when we apply “social inclusion” in the church without the criteria of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every plant that my Father in heaven has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Stay away from the Pharisees. They lead the people, but they are like blind men leading other blind men. And if a blind man leads another blind man, both of them will fall into a ditch.
Matthew 15.13-14 ERV

Jesus spoke these words about the Pharisees. They did not belong to God’s people. They would be rooted up, or destroyed, in the final judgment. Since they were not of God, they could not guide people to God or to do his will. On the contrary!

The disciples were worried because Jesus had offended the Pharisees with his teaching. But Jesus said, “Leave them alone.” Stay away from them.

Forget such people who invent their own religion!

Don’t worry about those who cling to their own traditions!

Let those whose teaching are mere human rules be offended!

There are people we need to forget and to quit worrying about, even those who claim to be God’s people or the “church of Christ,” but are not.

For such people who refuse to follow Jesus according to his commandment will be rooted up in the end.

And we still value their opinion?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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