For lunch today

Here was my plate at the veggie restaurant today:

Banana à milanesa, bamboo strips in soy sauce, beets, carrot sufflé (ricota base), green beans and rolled pizza. Some cheese in the pizza, not good, but it’s very tasty.

The restaurant weighs your plate by kilo, and my price came exactly to R$6,00. I don’t know the dollar’s exact rate at the moment, but figuring at R$1.7/US$1, that’s US$3.53. I used to come away for US$2 or under, but the dollar’s devaluation has made everything more expensive.

Juice is included. Options today were melon juice and cashew juice, which I chose, though it was a bit sweet; I’m used to it when it’s offered without sugar.

The restaurant, named Consciência, (“conscience,” but broken up, it sounds like the phrase “with knowledge”) is 5 min. by car from the office, 15 on foot, just around the corner from the swim school.

J. Randal Matheny

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