Not just supper, but all day. Was thinking of all the good stuff — as in healthy stuff — I’ve had today: bananas, papaya, almonds (the milk, actually), oats, cinnamon, honey, peppermint tea, salad (with seasame seeds, tomatoes (um, not much), avocado, cucumbers), zucchini squash (OK, it was in a bread loaf, but substantial), carrots, cauliflower, baked sweet potato, grape juice. Is that good or what?

My head hurts from looking at new ways to get out the word. Not sure how much if any progress I made, though I did beef up the ForthrightPress Twitter account, using service. Now all posts from TFR and Believing Prayer are going to it, automatically.

So a little investment of time saves nine.

I’m not a big fan of the service, in the admin area, so I tried the email posting for a poem to Not so hot results. I had to go in and fix it as much as I could.

Still waiting on to come through with the email posting. The previous iteration did a good job of it.

I was up fairly early this morning, sixish, I think, before light, started work right off the bat, before my shower, and just kept working away through the morning. When I got up The Missus was still asleep, so I put on some jammy/lounge pants. Still had them on when she left to do her Nordic Walking. So it would be when I was home alone in my lounge pants that the mailman would deliver a package. Does that make me an official pajama blogger?

A Bible thought, to end: “Sinners will have no place among the godly” Psa 1.5 NLT. Even though sinners may be tolerated, inappropriately, in the assembly of the godly now, God will have the last word and execute judgment.  He will purify his people, but wants them to purify themselves as well.

What do you think?