Flowers, office and heat

* This afternoon we fled to the mall (one of my least favorite places) for some relief from the heat. Took in a movie and a snack. This morning my office landlord said they were fleeing to the coast tomorrow, where he owns a beach house. We can’t even take a midday or afternoon shower to cool off — the water is heated by the sun, and it’s hot!

* The office has yet to be hooked up to a new Internet service. This worker is still laboring from the living room couch. Good thing, too, since the office temps go through the roof when the air heats up.

* I have pics up (only on Facebook for now) of our front yard, back porch and flowers. I think everyone, even non-Facebook people are able to see them. People have enjoyed the exoria flowers, they’re very vibrant, though the blooms on them now will fall off, because of replanting.

* The great research question of the year, maybe, decade. Does increased Internet activity tend to decrease real-life interaction and inhibit desire for personal relationships? What do you think?

* Just as I was getting ready to post last night, the site went down. But you won’t mind bread that’s a few hours out of the oven, will you?

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