Fish, house projects, music, cars, etc.

When an element escapes from a closed system, the universe is at risk. So how can a fish, too big to be eaten by another, disappear from the aquarium? Did it discover the quantum physics principle that in 2010 has been touted to be the path to Star-Trek-like teleportation?

• After 12 years in our house, today we finally got towel hooks and bars installed in both bathrooms. Do you have any undone projects in your house?

• While American friends have been snowed under, we’ve had a bit of a reprieve from oppressive heat, with a cool front, with quite a bit of rain. Clouds and rain don’t bother me. Heat does.

• How about a piece of music? The Estonian Arvo Part’s “Spiegel im Spiegel.” I came across it just today and liked it.

• Had the back springs changed in the car yesterday. Our mechanic and friend said we got a “find.” Vicki told him we got a blessing. He usually praises something about the car when we take it in to him. It was the second one we looked at, in the first car lot we went to, and one that he approved of. It has been indeed a blessing.
• Things I have no use for, not even for entertainment’ sake: horoscope, alcohol, and gambling. They do harm and only harm.
• We may underestimate Satan or, perversely, credit him with greater powers than he wields. We may also underestimate the Lord, strangely enough. It would be hard, however, to imagine him with greater power than actually belongs to him.
J. Randal Matheny

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