So I’ve been back to Brazil for over a week. How was the first Sunday back?

My first Sunday back, June 7, I directed the Lord’s supper and offering meditations and preached in the Taubaté congregation. Jorge has been teaching 1-2 Timothy and Titus in the Bible school this quarter; José  Roberto has been preaching. We had some folk missing, besides my wife and daughter, with an attendance of only 19 at SJCampos.

I asked the brethren to give me a week to get reoriented before gearing up again, so starting the week of June 14, the groups in Taubaté and in our home will resume.

I posted one and uploaded six Bible study articles to our site, that I had written over the past year for a church bulletin of the two congregations in Guarulhos. The six will be published every other day through this month.

Paulo and Adauri have published our church bulletin faithfully since I’ve been gone, and did a fine job. Paulo said he was surprised to discover how much work it took. I invited them to keep on doing it, and Paulo has prepared the issue for May 14, but his wife said since he’ll be teaching Bible school the third quarter, he’s declining my offer.

If you’d like remember us in prayer, to keep from forgetting us you can download three sizes of wallpapers for your computer monitor on this page. All three are labeled “RandalWallpaper1…”

Two Brazilian brothers with needs appealed to us and the church this week, one south, another north; one having to repeat a surgery after the first was unsuccessful, the other needing pain medicine after the government yanked his disability benefits. Pray for these two.

Facebook allowed users to choose usernames. Mine is now jrandal.

What do you think?