I don’t remember much about last week, since the weekend was a non-stop ride.

Friday afternoon Abner, a young Christian from Belo Horizonte, caught the bus in Sao Paulo to visit us. He and his family were in the capital for his dad Baltazar’s speaking engagement at the Jardim das Flores church on marriage.

Saturday morning Vicki and I took Leila and her friend Amanda to catch the bus in Sao Paulo for a week of Christian camp. When there’s little or no traffic, as Saturday, the trip takes an hour and a half to the location from where the bus leaves. Amanda is the daughter of Anibal and Ana Paula with whom we have studied the Bible off and on for several years. Abner also went to Sao Paulo with us, and we returned him to his family.

After our return from Sao Paulo, Vicki and I spent the entire afternoon Saturday at a barbeque in Taubate for Haroldo’s birthday. Haroldo is a Christian in the Taubate church. He said he’d never had a birthday cake or party, so the church threw him a nice celebration. Fatima from the Guaratingueta church made him a large cake with all the trimmings. (She and her daughter Biana were also present.) Jorge and Humberto oversaw the grilling of the meat. Vicki took salad fixings and her famous almond sauce. Claudete and Aline also brought food. About 18-20 came to enjoy the time together. Around half of those were Christians involved in the Taubate work.

Heavy rain dampened our monthly visitor’s day Sunday morning, July 26, but we still had 22 present, just under the 24 present on both the 5th and 19th. We were traveling on the 12th, so I don’t have figures for that day. I preached my third sermon in the series, “Distinctives of the New Testament Church,” on the New Testament as our rule of faith and practice.

At Taubate, we had 12 people present Sunday afternoon. With people traveling on vacation on the 19th only seven were present. Our high for the month was 13 on the 5th. I preached my second sermon in the series, “What Must I Do to Be Saved?” This lesson took all passages from the book of Acts. The first, from Jesus’ words in the gospels. See this link for a chart of the five lessons with Bible passages.

After we returned to SJCampos from Taubate, Anibal and Ana Paula (Amanda’s parents) picked us up at our house at 7:30 p.m., and we went out for caldinho (soup) and pizza with Flavio and Debora. Both couples have been participating in our weekly group study in our home (along with Emerson and Silmara). Afterwards, we went for coffee to the first couple’s house(marked as Urbanova IV), which is up behind our house, and enjoyed a long visit. Around 11 p.m., Anibal brought out two Bibles and asked for a study, so we studied about obedience and eternal life. Flavio dropped us home around 1:30 a.m. this morning.

Needless to say, we’re eating light today.

5 thoughts on “Fellowship, friendship and the gospel

  1. Wow, you missionaries got it made. All ya gotta do is eat, travel, read the Bible and then sleep late…what a life…hahah….you da man Randal.
    I can see the building in Taubate where we met last November. Wasn’t it Haroldo whom I met there that promised a bar b que if I ever came back?
    Sharing the gospel of the Lord, visiting with friends, and eating…what a life!


  2. Very nice life indeed…ha.

    A couple of men from Somers are going to Cambodia in November. I sure wish one of them was me! One man, brother Diles, has been many times. Brother Charles Voyles is going with him, it will be his first visit. I didn’t even know it til I heard about it Sunday, I’m excited for them. Remember, I told you I was a frustrated missionary…ha….I go through the travels of others!

  3. We do not support anyone there, Bro. Diles has been going for years, teaches english, using the Bible as text, works out really well.

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