Enmity exists between good and evil. As it lives in the heart of people, that enmity expresses itself in acts and attitudes.

An unjust person is an abomination to the righteous,
and the one who lives an upright life is an abomination to the wicked.
Proverbs 29.27 NET

Modern man has made the fine distinction between hating the sin and loving the sinner, not a bad one at all. But the Hebrews, who saw man as the battleground where good and evil were played out, would likely have been puzzled by our distinction.

Some try to bridge the gap, but one cannot remain upright and compromise with wickedness.

Evangelism takes a different tack, of converting the pagan and bringing him out of his wickedness into the kingdom of God.

Any other effort is destined to fail.

Lord, let me feel the full disgust toward sin that you feel. For only then can I be truly holy, like you.

Hold this thought: Wickedness deserves our hate, / It kills our hope and dooms our fate.

2 thoughts on “Between good and evil, the feeling is mutual

  1. Your statement about Hebrews being puzzled by the distinction made me think. I’ve got an interesting book, “The Pharisee and the Christian,” a published series of letters exchanged by (rabbi) David Rosen and R.T. Kendall. Rosen mentions, almost verbatim, the philosophy you relate here. Good perspective, as always. 🙂

    • So let me see if I got this straight, you’re calling me a Pharisee? (Well, if Paul called himself one, I guess I could consider myself in good company, maybe?)

      Oh, and thanks.

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