Yet Another Facebook Rant — and positive suggestions

While I’m thankful for many good things about the Internet, allow me one more rant about the money-grubbing site that is FB, and I’ll hush forever.

FB now averages about every other day changing my preferences from seeing my friends’ most recent posts to those that FB think are most interesting to me.

FB does not respect a user’s choices. Plain and simple. Also, they restrict who can see  your posts. Not all your friends will see your statuses. So why do people stay there? It’s a mystery. (The same mystery as the way so many people vote. Or, on another level, the same mystery why a person can hear the gospel and remain distant from God.)

If it were not for my grandkids showing up there, not even my kids could keep me on that Most Despicable Commercial Walled-in Site.

Most of my posts there are done automatically, through WordPress or spots like Known. I’ve taken well to GNUSocial. I’m still hanging on at RedMatrix [update: Hubzilla].

So I’m attempting to go completely with open-source (free, non-commercial) offerings. I’ve pretty much left FB, as far as interaction. I no longer wish anyone happy birthday there (though I pray you be blessed on your day). My likes and comments are sparse and growing fewer all the time.

I’ve also backed away from Twitter, since they started inserting ads into the user’s timeline.

If you want to talk to me, do it outside of the commercial spots that read your private communications. I’ve just reinstalled the muut forum on the Plink page, where you can take shots at me at will. For private communications, please don’t send messages via FB. Send an email. Or join one of the media I linked to above for great communication without eavesdropping.

I want to be available to you. But not with somebody between us who interferes with our interactions. We can do better.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Facebook Rant — and positive suggestions

  1. I am not as troubled by these things as you are; perhaps I should be. Within the last couple of weeks, I have shed myself (if you will) of attendance in some groups, even think about “Gospel Preacher’s” group. I continue to scan, and probably will for a while. I have learned, up to this point, I am so out of touch with social media.

    1. Morning, Ron! I worked hard at FB, to connect with people, in order to share our work and get the Word of God out there. Now they’re keeping people from communicating. So it’s frustrating. Lesson learned: control your own flow of information and data.

      I’m also feeling a revamp coming up, as we look at 2015. I’ve gotten a feel for some of the options out there, so I’ll cut back on some of those and invest more in others, but mainly investing in our own sites and efforts. Also, I’ve spent scads of time helping others go forward, and I’m glad to have done that. Don’t know that I can continue that, however.

      So the effort to be ever up to date and productive continues, does it not?

      I appreciate your contributions to TFR, do hope you’ll continue those.

      1. I do plan on doing so, Randal. I take my bulletin articles for the week and schedule them on TFR and my blog. I have to do this at home since I have no internet connection at the office (by choice).

        1. Glad to hear it, Ron.

          At the office I use my neighbor’s wifi, with his permission. Lately, though, I’ve worked more from home, while the Missus was traveling, near the MagicJack phone, in case she needed to get in touch with me, and since her arrival Monday, as she’s preparing for a class Saturday at a ladies’ day in São Paulo, and I try to provide her a bit of support and help around here.

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