BZM report: family matters and surgery, vacations and campaigns, local and global work.

My sister Rita Rains will have surgery tomorrow, July 1st, to remove a cyst from her spine. Please pray for her.

Vicki and Leila returned home last week. I tell everyone they found me in an advanced state of desnutrition and disorientation. (I have to play it up so they think I missed them.) Understatement to say I’m relieve to have them back. They had a terrific time in the U.S., taking in a Celtic Women concert, a trip to the Memphis zoo, a visit to Helen Keller’s birthplace, and paying their respects at the Coondog Cemetery.

A Brazilian Christian couple is visiting family here in SJCampos. They moved from the U.S., and are going to Canada at the end of August. They are originally from here, and I assume they were converted in the States. We’re glad to have them for this short time.

Forthright Magazine’s managing editor Richard Mansel was on vacation last week, so I filled in for him. That entailed getting the articles online at and sending them to the email list. It reminded me to be even more thankful for Richard’s dedication at this task.

Barbara A. Oliver, our coworker in things published, is in Costa Rica until July 22, first for language study, then for VBS and campaigns in local churches. Keep her in your prayers.

Quite a few were traveling Sunday, June 21, from Taubate. Except for a couple of prayers led by Haroldo, I conducted the entire worship service. The 28th, Jorge was back, so the three of us shared the leadership of the meeting.

Our family was invited to supper June 27, to a couple’s home we’ve been working with, and they invited another couple of their acquaintance who are having problems. They wanted the other couple to get to know us and start attending our Bible study in our home on Wednesday evenings. Please pray we may reach them with the gospel.

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