Joseph Exell’s Biblical Illustrator quotes an author approvingly on Matthew 18:2-5, “This teaches us all—I. The necessity of humility in order to salvation” (p. 392).

But wait! Isn’t faith alone necessary for salvation? So say the evangelicals. Until they get into the text. Then they contradict themselves and bend over backwards to undo what they plainly read.

Now they may try to wrap humility into faith, place it under the faith umbrella. And that’s fine. But they should also permit that we place obedience under the faith umbrella as well. (Paul does use “faith” as an umbrella term for man’s total response to the gospel.)

For Scripture teaches us all—I.The necessity of obedience in order to salvation. Jesus “became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him” Hebrews 5.9 NET.

With apologies to the apostle Paul, the veil of Luther lies over the minds of evangelicals to this very day. For they confuse obedience with works of merit. And this confusion is what causes them to fumble on the question of what to do to be saved.

We pray their eyes may be opened.

What do you think?