BibleWith the communications revolution and the arrival of the Internet, we’re drowning in data and information. The problem is fitting them into some sort of system or structure so that we can understand them.

Facts are not mere facts, but have meaning. God doesn’t do things aimlessly. He has a reason for doing what he does.

For Adam was formed first and then Eve.
1 Timothy 2:13 NET

Fortunately, we aren’t in the dark about God’s reasons, for he explains to us what the facts mean. In this case, the priority of Adam in the creation means the woman’s submission (read the chapter).

Christianity is a history, in which the facts fit into the divine project. That project or plan is to bring into existence a being to relate with the Creator and to rescue his creature for his purposes. As the story unfolds, God reveals his project, his reasons, his truths.

This is why we insist on the historicity of the biblical narratives. For if Adam and Eve didn’t exist, then neither did Jesus, and Christianity is a myth.

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