None of us has ever seen an angel. The stories about angels today are nothing like those of the Bible. Nor do the supposed angels have anything to do with the true ones. Scripture contains no sweet, little angels.

All who were sitting in the council looked intently at Stephen and saw his face was like the face of an angel.
Acts 6.15 NET

We immediately think that Steven must have shown a sweet, meek, beautiful, illuminated face. How wrong that thought would be!

Angels in the Bible did shine, but their faces emanated power and authority, inspired terror and fear.

By the Spirit’s power, Stephen won the debates against his accusers (verse 10). He knew that he was on God’s side, that he was being used by the Lord for his cause, that behind his words thundered the divine authority.

What they saw in Stephen’s face was not sweetness, but courage. He wasn’t tongue-tied, but discoursed so powerfully (chapter 7) that the Sanhedrin could silence him only by killing him right then and there.

In the intense stare of the authorities, Stephen did not cower, but was ready to answer for his faith. This is the face of an angel.

And what about us?

Sovereign Father, give us all the face of an angel, of courage and steadfastness, with the certainty of your presence and the cause we represent, as envoys of Christ. Amen.

Hold this thought: Under the hostile stare, I will show courage.

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  1. You’re smashing centuries of traditions, delicate wings, and glowing halos, my friend. 😉 Excellent.

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