In marriage, a man and woman abandon their interests in other people to dedicate themselves exclusively and totally to each other. When God becomes our Lord, something similar happens. This was true of Israel, and Moses’ words apply to Christ’s people today:

Now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you except to revere him, to obey all his commandments, to love him, to serve him with all your mind and being.
Deut. 10:12 NET

Many call themselves Christians, many say they’re religious, but it’s all in vain if they do not serve God above all others and with all their being. It’s just a lie to think that one can conduct one’s life as others do and still receive God’s approval.

It must be said that, as the Israelites did, many play at religion. They don’t take God’s word seriously. They don’t know his will. They impose on the Lord their own ideas. They carry God in their pocket and pull him out only when it serves their desires. Maybe they say a little prayer now and again, or do some good work sometime, but their life as a whole is dedicated to a home-made idol. They obey only those divine laws they find convenient.

So the great question is: Does the Bible verse above describe my life? Or the previous paragraph?

Lord God of Israel and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, make me to discover my duties toward you. Teach me to fear and love you.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive and total commitment

  1. First of all I like to say Good Morning my Heavenly Father in Your Son Jesus Holy Name … I thank You Father God for this Day that You made and allowed me to see … Committee to GOD is as Good as it will ever get … And I am PRAYING that GOD will show me and work on me on how I can really do that … Because GOD said in His Holy Word that we can’t do anything without Him … And I know for a fact that I need GOD to really HELP me … Because I will be TOTALLY … LOST … Without HIM … In my LIFE … That HE … GIVES to me … Amen and Amen … Thank You Father God … In Your Son Jesus Holy Wonderful Mighty Powerful Name … ❤️

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