Following his father’s example

How wonderful to have an example of godliness and holiness to follow! How wonderful to follow such an example!

[Uzziah] practiced what the Lord considered to be right, following the example set by his father Amaziah’s accomplishments.
2 Chronicles 26.4 ISV

In the family there is opportunity to provide godly example and to follow a good example.

If in the family one does not find it, the church provides opportunity to give and follow good examples.

If in the church one does not find it, Jesus serves as example for us. We ought to imitate him in everything! And in the Bible there are many good examples of people of faith also.

For our encouragement in faith, we can always find examples of devotion to God.

In the abundance of such, or in the lack of them, let us be an example to others.

Father almighty, show me good examples to follow and make of me a model of righteousness and faith.

J. Randal Matheny

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