Every writer’s dream

• Leila left this afternoon by bus to Sao Paulo, to spend a few days with Paula, Jorge and Daniel. They plan on a round of museums, the zoo, and a water park. They’ll bring her back Friday.

• Picked up, again, Nigel Tranter’s MacBeth The King. Will finish it before long. A very different take from Shakespeare’s character.

• Have been eating lunch at a new place right on the praça, run, apparently, by a family of, if their sign is any indication, cariocas, or people from Rio. The food is good, not too expensive, though I thought the drink I got was a bit pricey. I haven’t been getting a drink since that first day. I don’t eat a lot of food at a time, usually, so my plate usually runs about R$5 or about US$2.85.

• Several of our main sites — BNc, TFR and FPress — are needing a boost. Richard Mansel continues to bless FMag with his faithful hand, but even it could use an extra shot. Thinking of how to do all that … Not to mention the smaller ones, which I’ll not bother to list.

• I’ve basically given up on finding someone to do a new database of subscribers for our Portuguese magazine. Without that, I don’t see how we can move forward. Will it fade away into the night?

• Times are I wish I could shut everything down except for writing, and narrow that down to books. Think I could get away with it? That’s every writer’s dream, isn’t it?

• Barbara Ann seems to be having a grand time in Costa Rica. She returns to the US around the 19th, I think. She has been sorely missed on the FPress business end, on the BNc work, and all around. Not to mention not having contact with a friend.

• Watching the mail for four copies of my book that my mom sent last week. I forgot to bring any back with me. They could take up to another week and not be considered late, as the mail goes.

J. Randal Matheny

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