God has a word for every situation. Man thinks he comes up with new scenarios to stump the faithful, but since there’s nothing new under the sun, Scripture speaks to every age, to every contingency.

Honor all people, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the king.
1 Peter 2.17 NET

In relationships with people of the world, within the church, toward God, and toward government, Christians act with principle. Toward those without, honor. (Is it a coincidence that these two are on the outside of the list?) Toward the spiritual family, including the Father and Creator, a deeper and more significant commitment rules.

When specifics seem to be lacking, the principles hold and find suitable application. For someone who looks not for a rule for every moment, in order to keep from thinking, God’s wisdom both comforts and challenges.

What kindness in your wisdom, O Lord, what favor in your word!

Hold this thought: The Word guides every step and move,/ Its power the day’s requirements prove.

What do you think?