The title? To avoid writing, “odds and ends.” Yeah, corny, I know.

* John Henson started today as our newest Fellow on the Fellowship Room, with two great posts already. Glad to have him from the snowy north.

* Wife and daughter were out most of the day buying last-minute items for the latter’s two-week absence from home, and long stretch at camp.

* I cancelled my web service at the office today. Many frustrations from bad service. They tried to get me to keep it by offering to cut my monthly fee in half. Nope, I’d had it with them. What to do now?

* Daughter and girl friend from the neighborhood took in a movie and snack this evening at the mall. Was quieter than normal here.

* I just had to write Mike Hughes that last night we had lentil burgers and tonight spaghetti sauce made with lentils instead of meat, and tell him that this was going to be his menu on his next visit here. He’s the ultimate BBQ guy. Maybe I’ll let him pour BBQ sauce over the lentil burger.

* If we’re not floating we’re baking. When it’s not raining, the sun is beating down. I’m about ready to believe in global warming.

* On a website I have a specific page explaining how to sign up to a free email list. On that page, a surfer writes, “How do I sign up?” Sigh.

* So far this month — only 12 days in — three posts to the UPLift email list and four to the Cloudburst Poetry list. Zipping along.

* Holidays are over. I can tell because visits to websites, both English and Portuguese, are up. Yesterday was a record for the main Brazilian site.

* The restaurant next to my office closed and the space is for rent. Both are owned by the same person. I’d told him before that the church might be interested in it, so he called me yesterday to give us preference. If I can get people moving to look at it and see if it fits our needs …

What do you think?