Yesterday, in the verses preceding today’s verse, we read the recommendation to listen to the counsel of the wise. Today, we discover the importance of accepting his teaching.

So that your confidence may be in the Lord,
I am making them known to you today—even you.
Proverbs 22.19 NET

#1. The objective is not merely to do well in life and have success in one’s undertakings, and less still to satisfy curiosity, but to trust in God. (See 3.5.) Solomon seeks to draw his reader close to God. In the verse, behind the term “Lord” is the name of Yahweh, by which he is known by his people.

In fact, in the paragraph of verses 17-21, a literary unit which introduces a new section of the book, there are 36 words and the name of God is the eighteenth, exactly in the middle of the passage. By means of this feature, the author underscores the importance of his objective centered in the person of God.

#2. The interest is personal. He emphasizes the word “you.” Each person should put himself in the place of this “you.” You means me. The author is not interested in becoming a great teacher, but wants to produce a positive result in his reader. The focus is on the person receiving the teaching. He might well have said, since it’s the sense of the phrase: I want you to learn this today.

#3. In this teaching there is urgency. He wants the teaching to happen “today.” For many things, we must wait. Patience is a virtue. But in order that there might be teaching about the Lord, today is the day, before it’s too late.

To learn and to teach, in order that both student and teacher might know you, O God, let it happen today!

Hold this thought: Trust in the Lord is a learned response.

Do it today: learn how to start trusting in the Lord and to be restored to him.

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