This is typical of big newspapers, and not a failing of only Brazilian journalists and editors.

On this page I read this correction:

Diferentemente do publicado na reportagem Estudo indica que São Paulo tem péssima qualidade de vida (Cotidiano – 11/06/2008 – 10h17), as cidades européias Zurique, Viena e Genebra não são capitais. O texto já foi corrigido.

My translation: “Differently than was published in the news report …, the European cities of Zurich, Vienna and Geneva are not capital cities. The text has been corrected.”

So happens that Vienna is the capital of Austria.

Even their correction was wrong.

I wrote them and said that if they can’t get basic geographical facts straight, why should we trust them to report the news accurately?

And people say Americans are bad about geography.

Update: they were quick to correct the error and send me an email about it. At least, that.

What do you think?