Even the Catholics worry about this

From Zenit.org: “‘This [decline in the practice of the faith and in participation in the Mass, primarily among young people] calls for reflection in regard to how much time pastors and catechists dedicate to educating youths and children in the faith and how much time is allocated instead to other activities, such as those of a social character,’ notes the document.”

This from a working document, of the assembly of the world’s bishops, to be held in Rome Oct. 2-23. The topic of the synod is “The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church.”

So even the Catholic hierarchy thinks their kids are getting too much entertainment and too little indoctrination.

We Christians, then, fight a cultural tendency, not just something happening in our midst.

As if you didn’t know that already.

J. Randal Matheny

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