Evangelism studies get more use


From Alabama, Glenda Williams wrote me about the widening circle of influence that she is having through the study we published last year on the Internet. The following is adapted from a couple of emails she sent me today, published with her permission. From here on, her words:

Just wanted to be in touch to tell you that we continue to use the notebooks made from your website, “A Few Minutes With Someone Who Loves You.” Douglas uses his quite often in teaching others.

I have just sent the link to a friend who preaches in Omaha, Nebraska, and told him what I did in making the notebooks. He has printed it out and is sharing it with others.

The other day a young college student from Faulkner University came by and wanted one to use in his personal work. Much good continues to be done from that posting.

When the young college student got a copy of the notebook last week I immediately printed out another one. I think this is the most wonderful teaching tool.

I have also mailed a copy to friends in the Carolinas who asked for one. They said it sounded like something they could use. I do hope they are using it. It will work IF it is used.

Let me remind you that I am the sole caregiver of my now 98-year-old mother who lives in our home. I pray often to be a soul winner and that God will use my talents in some way to lead others to Him.

When I found this article posted on your web site, and saw that I could print it out, my mind began churning as to ways it could be used to reach others. Then I came up with the notebook idea. Can you imagine my joy when I see my husband walk out the door with one of the notebooks I have made, as a result of finding it on your site?

Last year we baptized 29. Already this year we have baptized 17.

We have a young girl being baptized tomorrow afternoon at 1:30, and Monday we have a man who has been studying the Bible Correspondence course and requested baptism, is to be baptized at 3:00 P.M. He is the last one that Douglas studied with from the notebook, just to make sure he knew what he was doing and why.

That will make a total of 19 baptisms. Personally I want us to go over 29 this year!

J. Randal Matheny

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