Erring and proud of it

A new BZM missions report on recent activities.

ERRING AND PROUD OF IT. On Sunday we finally met with the erring brother who promptly let us know he didn’t want our help nor was he interested in giving up the “something more” he had sought. “In all humility, I don’t need your help,” he said with arms crossed.

We were especially saddened by his reaction, since his wife appears not to follow his new thinking.

I commented in our meeting with him that our concern was with him and that she was welcome to return to the congregation if in fact she held to the truth. But as harsh and authoritative as he is, he’ll not likely let her go.

Three of us visited him, I and two brothers, one of whom was greatly helped by this erring brother and his wife when he and his spouse were going through a difficult time. All three of us encouraged his repentance, to no avail.

TAUBATE ON TUESDAYS. In our second study in the city of Taubate in Haroldo’s home, all four visitors returned from last week and four more came for the first time.

I studied from Galatians 6:6-10 along the points of this outline.

Haroldo has his furniture and auto upholstery business in the front and his living quarters in the back, where we have our study. That doesn’t appear to inhibit his visitors from participating.

The men of the Taubate congregation had a secret huddle Sunday, waving me away when I came near them. Afterwards, they announced to me that the congregation would pay our fuel expenses for the Tuesday study.

Though we could get by financially without the help, I accepted, as I sometimes do, because it gives them a sense of participation and ownership in the work being done. It makes it even more of a joint effort and causes us to give thanks for their sense of fellowship in the Kingdom’s mission.

WEBSITE, PRAYERS & TRAVEL. Our personal website’s server was upgraded earlier in the week, so the site should be even faster. In the process, the permalinks were affected, so content wasn’t available for several hours on Wednesday. I fixed the problem with a bit of help from a support forum, so I feel ready to tackle anything now. Almost.

We’re recruiting prayer partners for our work and want to welcome several new subscribers to the Brazil list!

Countdown has begun for preparations for our U.S. trip. It’s past time to buy tickets. Leila’s U.S. passport must be renewed, which means pictures and a trip to Sao Paulo.

Your prayers about the people mentioned and efforts undertaken will make a great difference in the outcome.

Blesings on you today!

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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  1. Randal,

    Sorry to hear about the problems. I admire you and the leaders there for visiting with him personally and showing the love of the Lord in so doing. Humility before God seems to be in short supply these days in some places. Perhaps the discipline exercised with bring him to repentance. My prayers continue to be with you and your work for Him, and with this man and his family.


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