Entertainment Today

Hang with me, we’ll get to the verse. So I’m crowding the UPLift list these days — enjoy for the years of lean cows will likely come.

We’re back to the Roman bread and circuses. And the entertainment mindset, as many observers have already noted, pervades society, or perhaps better, societies. Seems people can’t get serious. If it doesn’t entertain, it doesn’t hold interest. That’s why we have churches who get in the entertainment business with positive-thinking, joke-telling, stunt-pulling preachers, choirs and choruses and fast-moving meetings. Yank whatever doesn’t sell.

Well, enough preaching. Let’s get to the verse. And verse it is, with no pretense of literary quality. Much in the style of today’s entertainment.


by J. Randal Matheny copyright (c) 2010

Tickle my innards, stoke my laughs,
Show me slapstick, show me gaffes,
Spin me a story, tell a joke,
Sing me a song, and make it smoke.
While you warble, dance me a jig,
Juggle the pins, and poke a pig.
Pin the donkey, win the prize,
Serve me up a pack of lies.
Raise a ruckus, make a fuss,
Else I throw you under the bus.


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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