Bom dia, gente! Good morning, folks! If you’re traveling today, like me, enjoy the ride. If you’re staying close to home today, enjoy the familiar surroundings.

Going to try to post to the Portuguese devotional site once a day while I’m traveling. Crazy, yes. Today’s meditation is up. (Won’t get translated, sorry.) Tomorrow’s is done already, set to pop out in the morning. I decided to find a chapter with 30 verses, for the 30 days of our trip. Guess which chapter …

Took photos Saturday and Sunday on the iPad and finally was able, after some difficulties, to upload them … argh! to Facebreak, um, I mean, Facebook. Couldn’t get them to Flickr, for some reason.

Still to do today: packing, printing tickets and rental contract, eating a bite, taking a shower. And I’d like to bop out a GoSpeak report. Think that can happen?

The Missus invites for tea and (homemade) biscuits. Join me?


What do you think?