The church needs you. We don’t go to church to receive, but to give. The meetings of Christians follow the principle spoken by the Master that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

“And let us take thought of how to spur one another on to love and good works, not abandoning our own meetings, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging each other, and even more so because you see the day drawing near” (Hebrews 10:24-25 NET).

The point of the New Testament is to meet in order to encourage one another. Praise (in its widest sense) does occur in the meetings, but the modern emphases of (1) “praise” in music and (2) going in order to get, are strange to the Scriptures.

The above commandment — and commandment it is, make no mistake — is to not miss meeting as the church. The greatest motivation is the coming of Christ. He comes without warning and we must be prepared. That only happens as a part of the community.

Where will you be on Sunday?

This article was translated from the Portuguese, written originally for our devotional list “God with Us.”

2 thoughts on “Encourage

  1. Hmmm… I’m not real fond of that translation (the NET on Hebrews 10, not your translation from the Hebrew). Instead of “not abandoning our meetings” it should be “not abandoning meeting together.” The emphasis is on the people, not the assembly. As you said, it’s about coming together and encouraging one another, not just “punching the time clock” by going to church.

    As you said, we go to church to give.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

    • I appreciate your point there, Tim. There are people who think that by fulfilling the requirement of showing up and warming the bench they’re pleasing God. My wife and daughter were dismayed recently when they visited a congregation a couple of times, how easy it was to go and leave without anybody speaking to them.

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