I saw your site recommended on Mashable. It sounded interesting so I
went to check it out. Imagine my chagrin when I saw you had used what
for millions and millions of Christians a curse word.

So I won't be using your service nor recommending it to anyone.
J. Randal Matheny • vCard


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4 thoughts on “Email to Offensive

  1. I read it, but I am not so well informed about it that I understand its purpose. Maybe it is just a matter of convenience to particular users.

    Also, have you thought about putting some box to check on you webpage to let others (me) know when there has been a reply? That way, when I move off the page, I will know to come back quicker with a prompt.

    • It’s especially for people whose activity is spread across the web.

      Thanks, I’d assumed there was such an option. Will check that.

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