Back in May, 2008, I restarted the bulletin, which serves not only the church in Sao Jose dos Campos (SJC), but in Taubaté, Guaratingueta and, to a lesser degree, in Sao Sebastiao.

Printed copies are distributed in the first three congregations, and an electronic copy is provided online for others.

The four-page, 8 1/2 x 11 format provides plenty of space for articles, announcements and prayer requests, as well as information about the church.

I email a finished PDF file to the copier and then pick it up later. Which means a weekly trip to get it and pay for the service.

Last Sunday’s issue feature an article of mine on the so-called miracle on the Hudson River when the U.S. Airways flight made an emergency landing in the water.

Two articles were translated from a guest article published in Forthright Magazine and one of Tim Hall’s LightGrams.

One bit of information is a box on page 2, “The Lord’s Day for Christians,” that explains to visitors what we do in our meetings.

The last page features information on congregations in our region and within an hour’s drive from us.

Except for two weeks during the year-end holidays, I’ve not missed a week of publishing the bulletin.

The bulletin, called “Flight of Faith,” serves not only Christians, but is also distributed among those outside of Christ and has generated interest by its content.

The last issue of the bulletin, in PDF format, can be downloaded at this link.

What do you think?